Light Metalwork in Piacenza

We have been working successfully in the metal carpentry sector for over 40 years, mainly catering for the needs of the machine-tool industry. We are COMOLA s.r.l.

Thanks to our technical background, based on completed projects, and the flexible management of workflows, we can develop your idea, also producing it in small batches as needed!

We are specialised and well-known as builders of sliding sheet covers for machine tools. In addition to this, we have broad expertise and capabilities: we have been designing and building covers for any type of machine for years!

For existing machine tools, we also overhaul covers, paying close attention and care to completing the job very quickly.

Why choose COMOLA metal carpentry?

  • We build the right product for you. We build special, unique pieces as well as small and large batches.
  • We are able to manufacture complex finished products, managed and checked along the entire production stage, we find and offer optimised and high-level technical solutions.
  • Our craftsmanship combined with knowledge of technologies allows us to manage complex, high precision work.

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Metal carpentry solutions built to professional standard

Tool cabinets

Tool cabinets are used to keep all common shop tools/equipment in order, to identify them quickly and to find them easily.

Machine Tool Casing

We build Machine Tool Casings starting from CAD designs, all the way to final assembly, passing through the processing stages of laser cutting, sheet bending, pre-assembly, and the final coating.

Generic metalwork

We develop simple or complex components that complete machinery or parts of machines.

Filters and Hoods

We build Extraction Hoods and Filters for various sectors (wood-processing machine tools / ferrous-materials cutting machines).

Lighting technology

We develop and build components for high quality lamps, collaborating with major companies in the sector.